Why Your Child Needs a Chiropractor

back care advice, chiropractic, children, babies, chiropractor farehamAccording to our Fareham chiropractor, more and more parents are seeking chiropractic care for their babies and children. But why is this exactly?

Not many people are aware of this, but many of the spinal problems seen in adults may have actually started from birth. Even the easiest and most natural of labours can put stress on a baby’s spine and developing nerve system. In fact, many common newborn health complains, such as colic, nursing difficulties and chronic infections, can often be traced back to this kind of stress.  Parents often opt for chiropractic care for conditions such as colic, ear infections, asthma, allergies and headaches because they have heard from other parents that chiropractic treatment may be able to help.

Another reason parents choose chiropractic treatment for their children is to check for some sort of injury trauma. For example, spinal misalignments may not result in immediate pain or symptoms.  Therefore, regular chiropractic check ups can help to identify potential spinal injuries, make the corrections early in life and help avoid many of the health complaints seen years later.

It is important to understand that a chiropractor does not treat conditions or diseases. More specifically, the role of your child’s chiropractor is to check for and improve spine misalignments that could affect overall body function. Remember that the bones of the spine house and protect the spinal cord. The spinal cord is an extension of the brain and carries information from the brain to the body parts and back to the brain again. Subluxations can interfere with the nerves’ ability to transmit this crucial information.

The nerve system controls and facilitates the function of all the systems in the body: circulatory, respiratory, digestive, hormonal, eliminative and immune system.  Therefore, it is possible for any aspect of health to be negatively affected by nerve interference. Chiropractic adjustment can help to restore nerve system function which can encourage the body’s ability to express a better state of health and well-being.

Remember that chiropractic care isn’t just for people with excruciating back pain or neck pain; it’s available to help everyone live healthier lives. Chiropractors have been helping children for over 100 years and it is never too early to take your child to see a reputable chiropractor.

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