Flying Away This Summer – Please Take Care Of Your Back

back care advice fro our fareham chiropratorThe school summer holidays are nearly here and for many families this means jumping on a plane to some far away destination. Taking a much needed break is a time to relax, enjoy and recharge the batteries. Unfortunately it’s not too uncommon for our chiropractors to see patients that have returned from their holidays with back pain. Not only are they in pain but their summer holiday has been spoilt as well!

Our chiropractors at Homewood want to help our patients avoid back pain and have put together some advice to help you keep your back safe if you are flying off this summer.

Packing your bags:

  • Use the lightest cases possible. There are so many luggage options available so be sure to look at the weight of the case empty if you are buying a new one. After all every kilo counts!
  • Choose a case with wheels that will allow you to push it in front of you as opposed to pull it behind you. Pulling a case means you have to twist your body around which puts your back at risk.
  • Pack as lightly as possible. Do you really need that 20th T-Shirt and 5th pair of sandals?
  • Using two lighter evenly balanced cases is better than one heavy case, if your airline allows this.
  • Ensure you can easily identify your case from the hundreds that will be going around on the carousel with it. Use coloured straps on the outside or tie some coloured ribbon round the handles.

The night before take off:

  • There’s always lots to get done before taking a holiday but do make sure to get a good night’s rest before heading off to the airport. Mishaps and accidents tend to be more likely to happen when we are tired.

At the airport:

  • Avoid using a trolley as they are frequently unwieldy. Struggling with a trolley that has wonky wheels will do your bag no good!

In the air:

  • You’ve finally taken off and you’re really ready for your holiday by now! If reaching for a glass of your favourite alcoholic beverage is on your mind then hold that thought until you reach your final destination. Flying is very dehydrating and alcohol adds to this. So no alcohol but plenty of water and juices.
  • Prevent stiffness from setting in by doing some simple exercises on a regular basis. Foot circles, buttock clenches and shoulder shrugs can all be done in your seat.
  • If it’s convenient get up and have a walk around.

At your destination:

  • Get your body moving as quickly as possible. Walk as much as you can once you get off the plane, so avoid a ride on the travelator and get that body moving.

Our chiropractors at Homewood wish you a safe and happy holiday wherever you are heading off to. Please follow the advice our chiropractors have given to keep your back safe and pain free.

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