“I never knew this could cause back pain!”

back care advice from our chiropractor in fareham With up to 80% of us suffering from back pain at some point during our lives, most of us are aware of common causes, such as having poor posture or lifting something heavy. But as our Fareham chiropractor has highlighted below, there are lesser known reasons why you may be experiencing back pain – some of which may just surprise you…

Your Computer or Smartphone

Humans are designed to be upright – so being hunched over a Smartphone, tablet or laptop will inevitably  make your body uncomfortable and put extra pressure on your spine (you’ve probably heard of “Text Neck” by now!). Try to limit how often you spend on these kinds of devices and always be mindful of your posture when you’re using them.

Your Shoes

It’s not just sky-scraper heels that put excessive strain on your lower back –flimsy or backless shoes such as flip-flops can also put added stress and pressure on your spine and joints.  Try and choose shoes that hold your feet firmly in place and those that provide good arch support. And of course, avoid those sky-high heels at all costs!

Your Bag

Regularly carrying a heavy bag over one shoulder is likely to put your spine out of whack. Before you leave the house each day, perform a mini “bag audit” and unload any non-essential items. Also, alternate the shoulder on which you wear your bag each day as this will help to distribute the weight evenly across your body.


If you’re a smoker, your habit may be decreasing the flow of oxygen to your muscles which can weaken your back. Looking for another reason to quit? You may have just found it!

Stress or Anxiety

Your back, neck and shoulders are some of the most common areas for your body to carry symptoms of stress and anxiety – the physical symptoms you present may have emotional or psychological causes.

Addressing the causes of your stress and anxiety – not just the symptoms – will help the physical discomforts to subside.

Our experienced team of chiropractors at Homewood are here to help and advise you on all aspects to do with your back pain.

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