How the Winter Olympics Could Damage Your Health

healthy living advice from our fareham chiropractorWith the Winter Olympics well underway a lot of us have spent and will be spending a good few hours in front of the TV. But did you know that sitting down for too long can be seriously harmful to your spine and your health in general? According to our Fareham chiropractor, more than half of us spend over six hours sitting down every day, which can have a major impact on our health and bodies. So if you’re planning on slouching in front of the TV for more of the Olympic action, take a look at the damage it could do to your health:

1.  It can cause weak legs and glutes

If you don’t use them, you lose them! And this is exactly what happens to your muscles when you sit for too long. Our bodies simply weren’t designed for inactivity, and sitting for long periods of time means you don’t have to rely on your strong lower body muscles to hold your weight. This can lead to weakening of the muscles. Without strong leg and glute muscles to stabilise you, your body is also at risk of injury.

2.  It can lead to weight gain

Regular movement stimulates your muscles to release important molecules which help to process the fats and sugars you eat. If you spend a long time sitting, less of these molecules are released and you become at risk of gaining more weight.

3. It can result in tight hips and back pain

Your hips and back are very likely to suffer from sitting for too long. When you sit down, your hip flexors shorten which causes them to become tight and stiff. And if you have bad posture, you’re also at risk of developing back pain, neck and shoulder pain.

Spare a thought for you health while the Winter Olympics has you glued to the sofa this February!

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