Taking a drive this bank holiday weekend? Take care of your back advises our Fareham chiropractor

Bank holiday weekend is nearly upon us, and it’s a big one. To lots of you, August Bank Holiday represents the last weekend of summer, it represents end of school holidays, a time to get out and about before autumn us upon us.

For a lot of you this coming weekend will involve driving whether it’s visiting relatives, going to events or taking a quick break. If you are going to be spending some time driving this bank holiday then here are some tips I advise as an experienced Fareham chiropractor to help you take care of your back.

Stay safe when driving

Driving position – Adjusting your seat, steering wheel, mirrors and seatbelt for your driving position is the most important factor to get right.

Seat: The back of your seat should be set slightly backwards. This should feel completely natural and your elbows should then be at a comfortable and relaxed angle for driving. You should be able to press the pedals to the floor mainly by moving your ankles and only using your legs a little.

Steering Wheel: Adjust your steering wheel after adjusting your seat. You should adjust the steering wheel so that there is only a slight bend in your arms when your hands or on it.

Mirrors: Set your mirror position so you can check your mirrors without a significant amount of head movement. Be sure you can see all around the car.

Seatbelt: Ensure that your seatbelt lies across your shoulder and is not rubbing against your neck or falling loosely over your arm. You may need to adjust the height that the seatbelt comes out from the side of the car. If you are having trouble adjusting your seatbelt for your driving position, there are clips that you can purchase to help with adjusting seatbelts safely.

Now you’re set up to go so finally remember to relax, take regular breaks and stay hydrated.

Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend and stay safe.

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