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ESTABLISHED 50+ YEARS We were the original Chiropractor in Cosham.

E xcellent Value For Money – Been told you need months of treatment several times a week?  Get a secont opinion. We do not sign you up for extensive treatment regimes.  These are almost always unnecessary!





Over the past 50 years, our Chiropractors at Homewood Chiropractic in Fareham have been providing high quality chiropractic care to people in Cosham and the surrounding areas. We are just five minutes from J11 M27 with our own on site car park. Our Team of experienced Chiropractors are committed to getting you back to a healthy and normal life, as quickly as possible.

Homewood is conveniently located in Central Fareham, just a few minutes away and directly opposite the Multi Storey Car Park. , just turn in to our carpark opposite the MCP and there is no need to pay for parking. The bus and train station are just a few minutes’ walk. Leave the Shopping Mall at the North Exits and we are directly opposite.

We have a carefully planned building in Osborn Road with a huge amount of space, facilities second to none in the area and a six-day a week Clinic for your convenience.

Over the past 50 years, having treated thousands of patients, we know that you good health is important to you.


Homewood Chiropractic near Cosham: Your One Stop Solution

You will receive the support of our dedicated team of Chiropractors and a supporting team offering massage. As one of the most established chiropractic clinics in Hampshire, you will benefit from an outstanding one-stop service.

Homewood had a branch in Drayton in the 1990s, and that Clinic was brought “in House” to Fareham after a few years.  Patients still come to the Fareham Clinic.

At Homewood you are always regarded as unique and special. Our Clinic has outstanding reputation for quality professional care and service. We will always do what is best for you, and have a very good relationship with the local GPs and Specialists if you require additional help. We frequently co-manage cases with other Professionals, to get you better as fast as possible. Should you require additional tests, e.g. X-rays, MRIs, Spinal Instability Assessment, Musculoskeletal Ultra Sound Scans, Computerised Orthotics, we can usually get you an appointment within a few days.” says Elaine Cooke, Senior Chiropractor at Homewood Clinic

We will endeavour to give you a same day appointment even if it’s not with the Chiropractor of your choice for that day. You can then see your Chiropractor of choice for any follow-ups.” Our Team comprises three gentleman and two ladies.

When choosing Homewood Chiropractic Clinic you will have access to excellent on-site facilities, care and advice available in the area. To get the best results for you we are able to offer extensive treatment plans including:

  • Manipulative & non-manipulative Chiropractic techniques
  • Laser
  • Dry needling (Western Acupuncture)
  • Ultrasound
  • Computerised prescription orthotics
  • Personally tailored exercise programmes
  • Posture Evaluation & Training
  • Prescription massage
  • On-site Xray Service
  • Fast access tp MRI MSK ultrasound

A thoroughly professional service. I have recommended many family and friends” SA Fareham

A convenient location near Cosham to receive excellent quality of care & treatment

Patients that attend our clinic in Fareham travel from Cosham to receive a high level of treatment and care that is available in the area. The clinic is conveniently located in Fareham and is a short 15 minute drive from central Cosham.

“The treatment works and makes sense. Thank You

You don’t need a GP referral to visit the Clinic. However, if you plan on claiming your treatment on your insurance then we recommend that you confirm with your insurer if they require you to have GP referral.

If you’re not sure is we can help you at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic then you can take up our “Free Chiro Check” offer. It’s a 15 minute consultation which will help you decide whether you like and trust us to help you and as importantly for us to be able to confirm that we can help you.

If we don’t believe that we can help you get back to a healthy normal life as quickly as possible then we’ll tell you. Based on what we find, we may be able to refer you to a specialist that can help you.

Travelling from Cosham to Homewood Chiropractic Clinic in Fareham

There are many routes to travel to Homewood Chiropractic Clinic depending on where in Cosham you are travelling from.

If you are driving you can get directions to Homewood from Cosham here and there is plenty of parking available in our Car Park outside the clinic.

We look forward to be able to help you get back to a healthy and normal life as quickly as possible.

The Team at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic
serving the people of Cosham


About Cosham

Cosham is located close to Fareham and lies between Fareham and Portsmouth. It’s a northern suburb of Portsmouth lying within the city boundary but off Portsea Island.

Did You Know This About Cosham?

Cosham’s name is of Saxon origin (shown by the -ham suffix) and means “Cossa’s homestead”.

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