3 Common Causes Of Neck Pain

neck pain due to posture issuesThe neck is one of the most anatomically complex parts of the human body. It contains vertebral, visceral and vascular structures which connect the torso with the head, support head movement, and protect the spinal cord.

Unfortunately, the neck tends to be vulnerable to injury because of the stresses placed upon it each day. It is quite exposed, so sudden jarring movements can easily cause an injury which results in neck pain. The weight of the head also means that poor posture or poor workplace ergonomics can quickly cause a chronic injury.

In this post, our Fareham chiropractor will go into more detail on the common causes of neck pain. This information will help you protect your neck from the common problems we see at our chiropractor clinic in Fareham.


Types Of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be complex to diagnose as there are several potential causes. However, in most cases, people with neck pain have ‘mechanical’ or ‘simple’ neck pain.

Mechanical neck pain is often caused by lifestyle factors, like using the wrong pillow, poor posture or poor workplace ergonomics. It can involve several muscles, ligaments, and joints. Once you identify and address the underlying issue, any neck pain you are experiencing will go away.

The other common form of simple neck pain is caused by neck trauma. This might be due to a sporting injury, fall, car crash, or some other kind of accident. Minor trauma is usually easy to deal with as you simply need to receive rehabilitative treatment and take some time to heal.

In some rarer cases, neck pain is caused by trapped nerves in the neck, sometimes as a result of disc herniation. When the nerves become compressed or irritated they can cause an ‘electric shock’ pain along with other symptoms like pins and needles, tingling, numbness or weakness in the limbs. There are also degenerative diseases and serious illnesses which can cause neck pain. Our Chiropractors are trained to diagnose problems that require medical attention and will refer such cases for medical help.


Most Common Causes Of Neck Pain

The three most common causes we see at our Chiropractor Clinic are:

#1 – Muscle Strains

The muscles in the neck are under a significant amount of strain due to the weight of the head. This can sometimes cause muscle strains which need attention. Other factors can also increase the risk of neck muscle strains including:

  • Poor posture
    When a person slouches, their head is usually positioned further in front of the body than normal. This greatly increases the amount of strain on the neck muscles. Many of the patients visiting our chiropractors have neck pain relating to their postural issues.
  • Poor neck support while sleeping
    If your pillow is incorrectly sized for your sleeping position, it can result in your neck being placed in a stressful position for several hours, causing neck pain.
  • Poor working environment or habits
    Occupations that involve constant twisting of the neck can increase the likelihood of painful muscle strains.
  • Minor Sporting injuries
    Over exertion and collisions can sometimes cause painful neck muscle strains.
  • Stress
    Muscle tension and soreness is a symptom of chronic stress.


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