Amazing Pain Busting Techniques

neck care advice from our fareham chiropractorWhen back pain strikes, armour yourself with these five effective pain management techniques from our Fareham chiropractor:

Altered focus

This popular technique demonstrates how well the mind can alter sensations in the body. Focus your attention on any specific non-painful part of the body. This may be your hand, mouth, ear or anywhere that doesn’t cause pain or discomfort.  Then imagine altering the sensation in that part of the body. For example, imagine your hand heating up or becoming ice cold. This will distract your mind away from your back pain.


As the name suggests, this effective pain management technique involves mentally separating your painful body part from the rest of your body. Another way to use this technique is to imagine your body and mind as being completely separate, with the pain you feel being at a distance from your mind.  An example of this is imagining your painful back sitting on a chair across the room and instructing it to stay there, far away from your mind.

Sensory Splitting

This technique involves dividing the sensation into separate parts. So if your back pain feels hot and painful, focus just on the sensation of heat and not the pain.

Mental Anesthesia

This technique means imagining an injection of anesthetic into the painful area, such as thinking of a numbing sensation spreading across your lower back. Alternatively, you may prefer to imagine a soothing ice pack being placed on the painful area.

Mental Analgesia

Similar to the concept of mental anesthesia, this technique involves imagining an injection of a strong pain killer, such as morphine, into the painful area of your body. You can also imagine your brain producing massive amount of pain killing endorphins and having them flow to the painful areas of your body.

Your mind is one of the most powerful tools you have to conquer your pain. Use it!

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