Any Refurbishment Plans This Year? Keep Your Back Safe Warns Our Fareham Chiropractor

diy back care advice from a Fareham chiropractor  With the New Year comes new goals, new projects and new motivation to “get things done.” For many of you, that will mean digging out your paint rollers and giving your homes a fresh lick of 2016 brightness! But as experienced chiropractors in Fareham, we usually have to give DIY a new meaning at this time of year, “Don’t Injure Yourself!”,  as more and more people visit us due to decorating based aches and pains.

Our Fareham chiropractor warns that overdoing it with the decorating can cause sprains, muscle strains and irritated nerves which are all common causes of lower back pain. So we’ve put together some top tips to make sure your home is the only thing getting a “once over” this New Year!

1: Warm Up

You wouldn’t hit the gym without warming up first, yet not many people prepare their bodies for decorating! Decorating is like any other form of exercise – if you don’t warm up first, you could end up with strained muscles. Before you get stuck into your DIY master attack, go for a brisk walk around the block. This will improve your circulation and ensure that your muscles have the blood supply that they need for the jobs ahead.

2: Don’t Do It All At Once

If you’ve spent the winter months curled up in front of the TV, then suddenly embarking on a major bout of DIY is going to make your body feel as though its going through a major workout! Rather than trying to paint the entire downstairs in one go, tackle your project in stages and work through it bit by bit. Remember that you are not on an episode of 60 Minute Makeover and all good things take time to produce.

If your muscles feel sore the day after decorating, take a day or two off and go back to it when you feel ready.

3: Work at the Correct Height

It’s a good idea to buy an adjustable work bench so that you can set it to the right height for you. When you are sawing, planning or preparing paint or wall paper, your work table should at about the height of your hips. Be careful not to overstretch, twist or bend excessively when you decorate as this could cause a back injury. If you can, use a large paint roller that has an extended handle. Hold the roller at chest height, face forward and keep your head in a comfortable position. If you need a ladder, then make sure you remain facing the ladder at all times and that you keep moving it regularly as you move from place to place. Finally, always keep your shoulders, hips and knees pointing in the same direction to avoid twisting injuries.

Happy Decorating, everyone!

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