Are These 7 Foods Causing You Pain?

food advice to avoid inflammation from our Fareham chiropractorOur Fareham chiropractic clinic treats many patients with arthritis and other chronic disorders related to inflammation. We use a combination of chiropractic treatments and soft tissue therapy to provide pain relief and restore our patient’s mobility as much as possible.

However, we find that a holistic approach involving diet and exercise is always the most effective option. That’s why we work with patients to develop a comprehensive plan that helps them reduce their inflammation levels and obtain more enjoyment from life.

In this post, our Fareham chiropractor focusses on the link between diet and inflammation  and shares several foods which can cause inflammation and should be avoided by individuals with inflammatory conditions.


Foods To Avoid If You Are Concerned About Inflammation

#1 – Sugar

While the occasional chocolate bar or ice cream can be quite enjoyable, overindulging in sugary foods can eventually have a negative impact on your health.

When you eat large quantities of sugary foods, your body will react by producing higher levels of insulin. Insulin’s role is to manage how much sugar (glucose) remains in your blood stream and how it is used by your body.

If you overindulge frequently, your body will struggle to process all of the sugar you are consuming. Your insulin levels will be high all of the time, which can cause the immune system to trigger an inflammatory response. Eating excessive amounts of sugar will also increase your risk of diabetes and obesity.

Simply reducing the amount of sugar you are consuming can result in health improvements.


#2 – Trans Fats

Trans fats are a form of unsaturated fat naturally found in some foods and artificially introduced into others.

The trans fats found naturally in meat and dairy foods are not thought to be harmful if consumed as a part of a healthy diet. However, artificially introduced trans fats, which are often found in chemically treated vegetable oils, can be hazardous to your health.

Artificial trans fats can increase your risk of heart disease, high cholesterol and inflammation. The foods that have artificial trans fats include donuts, chicken nuggets, pies, cheeseburgers, french fries, and other fast foods.


#3 – Saturated Fats

Researchers have discovered that the overconsumption of foods high in saturated fats can trigger inflammation in fat tissue. This can worsen arthritis inflammation and elevating a person’s pain levels. Common sources of saturated fats include dairy products, fried food, and meat.


#4 – Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates are grains and sugars that have been modified to improve their shelf life. When in this form, carbohydrates become very easy for the body to metabolise, so they provide the body with a rapid burst of energy.

Unfortunately, these high glycemic foods can produce higher levels of advanced glycation end-products (AGE), which can trigger inflammation. Avoid foods made from refined carbohydrates like white bread, white rice, white sugar, white pasta, and so on.


#5 – Omega 6 Fatty Acids

Omega 6 fatty acids are essential nutrients required by your body for physical  development. However, consuming excessive levels of Omega 6 has been shown to increase inflammation. Moderate your consumption of peanut, soy, grape seed, corn, sunflower, and safflower oils.


#6 – MSG

Mono-sodium glutamate (MSG) is an artificial food additive which enhances flavours in food. It is sometimes used by fast food restaurants and in processed food products. Unfortunately, it has been shown to trigger chronic inflammation if consumed too often. Be sure to check the ingredients of processed foods for MSG and ask restaurants if they use it in their meals.


#7 – Alcohol

Alcohol is a poison that triggers inflammation shortly after you consume it. It also weakens liver function, which interferes with multi-organ interactions, potentially causing even more inflammation. Drink in moderation or eliminate alcohol completely if you have severe inflammation.


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