Back Hitting the Shops? Stay safe in the January Sales. Top Tips from our Leading Fareham Chiropractor!

Two women shopping in southampton, hampshireWhat’s the best way to overcome the post-Christmas blues? Hitting the Fareham January sales, of course! Everyone likes to welcome in the New Year with a bit of bargain hunting retail therapy, but according to our leading chiropractor in Fareham, it is very possible for us to sustain several different types of back strains if we’re not careful when we’re shopping.

So how can you make sure you don’t pick up an injury as well as your bargains? Our experienced Fareham chiropractor shares 15 top tips:

1: Carry lots of smaller bags instead of one big bag. This will enable the weight that you’re carrying to be evenly distributed throughout your body.

2: Place heavier items at the bottom of your bags and the lighter ones at the top.

3: Lower the risk of inflammation by keeping hydrated and drinking lots of fluids!

4: Make regular trips to your car to drop off your bags so that you’re not carrying too much at one time.

5: Try to do your shopping during less busy hours to lower the risk of people accidentally bumping into you.

6: Plan ahead, be organised and stay calm! Stress is a major cause of back pain.

7: Remember to stretch!

8: Choose comfortable shoes that fit you properly. Walking for long periods of time in high heels or poorly fitted shoes can lead to back problems.

9: Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared for the cold winter weather and the warmth inside the shops.

10: Take care not to twist or slip when reaching for items. If you can’t reach a product you want, ask a shop assistant for help – don’t put yourself at risk of picking up a back injury.

11: Ask for help if you need it! Shop assistants are there to help you so if you’re struggling to lift or carry an item, make sure you tell a member of staff.

12: Invite friends or family along – the more hands you have to help, the less you have to carry.

13: Every 45 minutes, take a break away from the shops and recuperate.

14: Avoid caffeine-rich drinks such as tea and coffee. Drinking water instead will help to keep you better hydrated.

15: If you have children, try to arrange for them to stay with a family member or babysitter when you hit the shops. Dealing with children in a busy environment can often lead to stress. Pushing a pram or carrying a toddler is also extra weight for your back to contend with!

Here’s to a fun and safe experience in the January sales!

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