Back Pain: Is Your Commute the Culprit?

back care advice from our fareham chiropractor From doing your best sardine impression and wedging yourself on the rush-hour train to sitting in endless traffic queues, your daily commute to work could be more of a pain than you think. Literally.

According to our chiropractor in Fareham commuting is one of the most common modern causes of back pain – and often one that patients fail to recognise.

Whether it’s by bus, car or train, if you travel daily, it’s worth following the advice below – you’ll more than likely notice a significant improvement in your back health…


Make an effort to increase the amount of physical activity you do – whether it’s during your commute to and from work or throughout the day itself. Consider cycling to work once a week or parking further away from the office. Also use your lunchtime to pack in some spine-boosting exercise. Walking around the block during breaks is a great way to reduce the risk of developing back strain at work.

Drive Comfortably

If you drive to work, you need to make sure you sit in a comfortable position that supports the health of your spine. Avoid leaning too far back by adjusting your seat, back support and steering wheel– if you need to stretch to reach the steering wheel or pedals,  you could be placing excessive strain on your back.


Try a mixture of standing and sitting when travelling on the train. Prolonged sitting is a major cause of back pain, so you should also keep up the mixture when you’re at your workplace too. If you work at an office, stand while talking on the phone and suggest standing or walking meetings to help keep you moving throughout the day.

Change Position

Remember to keep changing positions regularly during long journeys. Even if your posture is remarkably good, too long in one position can cause nasty aches and pains.

Get The Earlier Stop

One of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of back pain during your commute is to get off one or two stops earlier than your destination. Of course, remember to leave the house in plenty of time to make this possible!

Try these simple tips and see if your back pain improves. After all, the daily commute is a big enough pain without it damaging your back health in the process!

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