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back care advice for children from our fareham chiropractorWith the school summer holidays over and done with for another year, parents lives are starting to return to pre-chaos normality.

But could school life be putting your children’s back health at risk? We all know that overloaded back packs are seriously bad news for the spine, but what about the activities your children do in the classroom?

Our Fareham chiropractor warns that many school children are at a very real risk of developing long-term back problems because of sitting for long periods with poor posture.

So how can your children protect their spines during class or homework time?

Here are some great tips:

Keep a Level Head

Make your children aware of the dangers of bending their heads down to read or study. Just like “Text Neck”, bending the head to do any activity for a long period of time can put excessive strain on the neck.

Watch the Elbows

Your children can significantly reduce the risk of shoulder strain by making sure their elbows rest on side rests or side arms as they type. This will help to take the weight of the arms off the shoulders.

Support the Lower Spine

All schools should provide quality classroom chairs that offer adequate support for the lumbar spine. It’s also a good idea to invest in a good quality study chair so that your child’s back remains supported when they do their homework.

Keep Hydrated

Keeping the body hydrated is one of the best ways to fight inflammation, so make sure you keep reminding your children to drink plenty if water throughout the school day. They may prefer fizzy or sugary drinks, but it’s the good old-fashioned clear stuff that their bodies need!

You can make a big impact on your children’s back health by implementing these simple changes.

Our experienced team of chiropractors at Homewood are experienced in treating children of all ages. If you should have any concerns regarding your child’s back and spine then we are here to help and advise you. You can call our friendly reception desk team here at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic on 01329 280 283 to book an appointment with one of our chiropractors.

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