Back to School. Let Them Walk Their Way to Better Health.

back care advice from our Fareham chiropractor How your children travel to school can make for a heated debate. As a parent you know that walking your children to school is by far the healthiest option (for all of you) but there’s also the issue of getting them to school and you to work – or to see to your other commitments – on time! If your children are old enough to travel to school by themselves, you may also be concerned about their safety on the road.  The topic can leave you feeling like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

At our family-friendly chiropractic clinic in Fareham, we understand that the “ideal” situation doesn’t always fit your hectic lives. When it’s 8.30am and your children are still squabbling over who gets the last bowl of cornflakes, a relaxing stroll to school just isn’t possible. On days like this, you’ll be lucky to scramble into the car and make it to the school gates on time!

While it may not be realistic to walk your children to school every day, we recommend that you increase the number of times that you do so. Here are just a few beneficial reasons why:

You’ll Help to Improve Health Fitness and health

Not only will walking to school reduce the chances of your children developing back problems, but it will also help to improve their overall health and fitness. Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day and walking to and from school is a great way to get some of that exercise.

You could even take a walking route which is quiet. Green open spaces such as parks can help to keep your children away from polluted areas and make them feel calm and happy as they arriving at / returning home from school.

You’ll Boost Concentration

Children who engage in physical activity before school burn off excess energy and are able to focus better during lessons.

You’ll Help to Improve Road safety skills

Walking to school is a great time to teach your children vital road safety skills that will stand them in good stead for their adult life.

Think about the steps you can take as a family to free up more time for walking. You and your children will certainly feel the benefits.

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