Be Kind to Your Back This Mothers Day

back care advice from a chiropractor in farehamMother’s Day will soon be here and for all you fantastic Mums out there that should mean a day of very much deserved “R &R”. But while there may only be one official day of the year where you are treated like absolute royalty, our team of Fareham chiropractors believe that you deserve TLC the whole year round –and that starts with daily care of your amazing spine.

Our team of chiropractors have put together the following tips to make sure your back gets that VIP treatment it deserves:

1: Allow your Spine to Rest While You Sleep

Think about it; the structures in your back have worked incredibly hard all day and they finally get the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate while you’re asleep. But if you don’t have the correct mattress and pillows that allow your spine to be supported and comfortable, then you could be putting your spine’s important recovery process in jeopardy.

2: Wear Appropriate Shoes

The shoes you wear play a key role in supporting your lower back, so make sure you’re sensible when you’re shoe shopping (no matter how nice those skyscraper heals may look on the shelf!). When you’re at a shoe shop, ask the shop assistant to point you in the direction of good pair of shoes that provide a supportive base (that will help to keep your body and spine in alignment).

3: Don’t Sit for Too Long

Did you know that the discs in your lower spine are under three times more pressure while sitting compared to standing? In other words, if you frequently sit for long periods of time then you could be putting yourself at risk of developing or aggravating a back condition. Also when you’re sat at a desk or in front of a computer, your natural tendency may be to slouch or lean forward, which can stress those lumbar discs even further.

It’s important to take regular breaks from sitting (every 20-30 minutes) and choose chairs that help to maintain good posture and support the natural curves of your lower back.

4: Regularly Exercise Your Abs and Back.

In order to adequately support your spine, your lower back and abdominal muscles need to be toned. When these muscles are properly exercised, the pressure can be taken off your lower back (which is already under the stress of supporting the whole of your upper body).

Unfortunately, these core muscles are not usually used during everyday activities; hence why it is so important to target them through specific regular exercises. Ask your chiropractor, GP or local fitness instructor for more information on core exercises – they are extremely simple to perform and can be implemented into your daily routine.

So there you have it – four easy steps to giving your back that everyday TLC it needs. But for Mothers Day? Put your feet up and relax… you deserve it!

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