Can Warm Weather Ease Your Back Pain?

back care advice from our fareham chiropractorGorgeous summer weather lifts spirits as much as it lifts the sales of BBQs, but could it be possible that a rise in temperature could reduce the symptoms of back pain? Possibly, according to our Fareham chiropractor.   But how exactly can weather and climate affect aches and pains?

Firstly, it’s important to consider the circumstances and environment. When a patient goes away on holiday; they find themselves away from their daily routines; they are usually more relaxed, they swim more regularly and their minds are more focused on having a great time than any physical pain they may be feeling. In other words, patients may experience a temporary reduction in their pain due to a combination of situational factors. Supporting this theory is the fact that many patients find that their symptoms tend to worsen again after a few days of being back at home, going about their normal daily routines.

But there is also an argument for the theory that warm weather and the role of barometric pressure can reduce pain. It is widely believed that the increased pressure that comes with warmer weather can help to prevent the joints from swelling. It is also argued that pressure changes can play a role in changing the synovial fluid in the joints.  But these are unproven by research, even though many patients do actually report to notice a reduction in their pain during warmer weather. In fact, there’s not a lot of scientific evidence showing a link between weather changes and chronic pain. However, patient experiences tell a different story. Many of our  own patients tell us that they’re able to better manage their pain during the warmer weather and that damp or cold weather worsens their pain.

So what is the truth? Our chiropractor believes that it’s probably somewhere in the middle. Pressure changes may indeed influence pain. But sunshine also makes people feel happier, and live a somewhat healthier and more relaxed lifestyle. And when you’re healthier and happier, your pain is likely to be less!

Enjoy the sunshine, everyone!


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