Can We Predict Your Back Pain? Interesting Insight From Renowned Fareham Chiropractor

posture advice from a fareham chiropractorAs leading chiropractors in Fareham, we take the time to evaluate the cause of a patient’s back and neck pain, not just the presentation. We also look for signs of potential future problems, such as poor posture.

According to recent research from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), 56% of women who stand with their heads leaning forward are likely to be suffering from back or neck pain, followed by 56% of those who stand with an arched back. On the flip-side, women who present a flat back were most likely to remain free of back and neck pain.* With the average age of the onset of back pain for women being just 34, it’s important that women of all ages are aware of potential pain triggers.

Whilst there is much emphasis placed on whther a woman has an apple or an hourglass figure, as chiropractors we belive it is more beneficial if people to think about what they look like from the side. Paying closer attention to your body’s side profile can really help to identify back or neck pain triggers.

The ideal posture should present a side on appearance of the ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles all being in line. A good way to improve posture is to imagine a line hanging from the ears to the ankles – with everything in the middle sitting on the line. When you’re in a sitting position, the gravity line should ideally pass through your ear, shoulder and hip.

The research that took place further revealed that 25% of women said that their back pain can last for up to three days at a time. We also know, as experienced chiropractors, that chronic back pain is often the result poor posture.

Although it is never too late to start taking better care of your back health, it is always important to recognise what can be done to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Fortunately, learning to maintain a better posture is easy and can create incredible results.

So, the next time you check out your reflection in the mirror, take a look at yourself from the side – it may just give you a whole new insight into your back and neck health.

So what back type are you?

  • Spoon – flat back, rounded shoulders
  • Leaning tower – head leans forward
  • Bridge – arched back
  • Flat-pack – flat back
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Research carried out on behalf of the BCA in January 2015.

* Out of all women with an arched back, a flat back, rounded shoulders, or head leaning forwards

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