Christmas Lunch Could Cook up Back Problems Warns Our Chiropractor in Fareham!

Woman Suffering From Backache Back Pain.Christmas dinner with all the trimmings… it’s one of the things we look forward to most about Christmas day (after opening our gifts, of course!). But behind every golden roast potato; every mouth-watering “pig-in -blanket” and every scrumptious turkey is a busy cook doing their best to feed a family-full of eager appetites.

While we all love nothing more than enjoying a traditional Christmas lunch with those closest to us, the preparation involved is usually quite stressful for the cook in charge – which often leads to forgotten posture advice. Our trusted chiropractor in Fareham warns that bending and stretching, lifting cooking equipment and standing for prolonged periods puts many people at risk of back pain when they don’t take up the correct cooking positions.

So how can we master-up a perfect Christmas roast while keeping our backs free from pain? Our reputable Fareham chiropractor shares the following advice:

1: Plan in Advance

In the lead-up to Christmas, store all the food, ingredients and cooking equipment you need between elbow and shoulder height. This will prevent you from having to overstretch your back as you take charge of the kitchen on Christmas day.

2: Invest in a Chopping Board

Chopping boards serve more purpose than protecting your worktop surfaces; they can protect your back, too! A deep, wooden chopping board can help to achieve the correct counter-top level for your height, which can reduce the risk of back and neck pain. (Remember that you want to avoid any stooping or reaching.)

3: Relax

Stress causes muscles tension so it’s important to try to relax – especially when you’re lifting heavy utensils that can put a strain on the muscles in your back and neck. Keep your back relaxed and straight as you lift; making sure your legs are at least your hips’ width apart and your knees bent.

4: Don’t Overexert Yourself

Instead of visiting the shops and carting lots of heavy shopping bags in and out of the car, order your Christmas food online and get it delivered to your door. Not only will this help lessen the risk of injuring your back, but it will free-up some of your time during the busy Christmas build-up.

5: Clean Up Comfortably

Hopefully, as you’ve cooked up a Christmas treat, someone else will offer to do the dishes for you. Whoever’s on washing up duty should ensure they stand up straight, rather than slumping over the sink (even if they are full and tired after your delicious lunch!). Feet should be shoulder width apart for a safe and comfortable position.

Christmas may be a busy, exciting and sometimes stressful time, but taking just a few moments to remember this advice from our Fareham chiropractor could just prevent you from picking up a painful injury.

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