Christmas Shopping Can Be a Pain In The Back. Top Tips for a Pain-Free Shopping Spree by Experienced Fareham Chiropractor

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – at least for the retail giants! But for those of you suffering from back or neck pain, the build-up to the Christmas period may be a struggle. As a reputable chiropractor in Fareham, our team at times treat patients who are experiencing new or worsening back or neck pain due to the heavy demands of Christmas shopping. Carrying heavy bags, standing in long queues and trekking around the busy shops for hours on end can create painful symptoms if you don’t take the appropriate measures to protect your spines.

Our leading Fareham chiropractor shares the following advice for a pain-free shopping-spree:

1: Wear Comfortable Shoes

It may seem like obvious advice, but it never ceases to surprise our Fareham chiropractors how many people shop in uncomfortable footwear! Leave the sky-scraper heels to the Christmas parties and make sure you protect your posture (and your feet!) by wearing properly fitting shoes which have strong support and adequate cushioning.

2: Dodge the Crowds

It may seem impossible to avoid the crowds during the busiest shopping period of the year, but allowing your body to get nudged and jarred by frenzied Christmas shoppers can wreck havoc with your existing back pain (and can cause new problems to develop!). Perhaps plan your shopping trips after working hours during the weekdays or visit an outlet instead of the High Street where there are likely to be less crowds.

3: Do Not Overreach

If you can’t comfortably reach an item that you want, ask a shopping assistant for help. As well as running the risk of injuring your back and neck, overextending yourself to grab an item can interfere with your balance and cause you to fall.

4: Carry Bags Evenly

If there are trolleys or wheel-along baskets available, then use them – even if you are only planning on buying a few items. When you’re walking from shop to shop, make sure that you balance your bags evenly between both sides of your body and make regular trips back to your car to drop them off.

5: Drink Up

It can be easy to forget to stay hydrated during the chaos of Christmas shopping but drinking plenty of water will help to reduce the risk of muscle strains. Take frequent breaks, sit down and drink that health-boosting H20!

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