Common Myths About Back Pain

sport injuries treated by our fareham chiropractorsMany of the patients our chiropractors treat at our chiropractic clinic in Fareham suffer from back pain. These patients will range in age and come for a variety of back grounds.

Speaking with these patients, our chiropractors find that there are some common myths held about back pain. Unfortunately some of these myths can impact on a patient’s recovery, making it slower, and in some instances these myths can prevent recovery.

Here are the three most common myths our chiropractors hear.

Myth #1: Back pain doesn’t happen to everyone

Often patients are very surprised that they are suffering back pain. Unfortunately back pain is far more common than most people think. At some point in our lives most people will suffer back pain.

If you should experience back pain which persists for a number of days, our chiropractors recommend that you seek professional medical advice from a chiropractor, GP or other health related professional.

Myth #2: Rest is best 

Some patients delay seeking professional help as they believe that simply resting from any activity will help get rid of their back pain. For many instances of back pain, resting will not help and may make the pain worse.

Research published has found movement and physical activity to be effective for many instances of back pain. Your chiropractors, GP or other health related professional should advise you appropriately for your condition.

Myth #3: Medication is the answer

It’s become increasingly common to turn to over the counter or even prescribed medication to help counter back pain. Whilst the medication may relieve the pain it does not necessarily ‘cure’ the cause of the back pain.

What is best if you are suffering from back pain?

As has been mentioned, if you are suffering back pain and it has been going on for a number of says, our chiropractors recommend you visit a medical professional such as a chiropractor or your GP.

The key to resolving your back pain is to get an accurate diagnosis of the cause of the problem in order that an effective treatment plan can be put in place to resolve the problem.

Our experienced team of chiropractors at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic are well placed to help you if you are suffering back pain.  On your first visit with us you will receive a comprehensive consultation and thorough examination which enables your chiropractor to determine how best to care for you.

You can find out what you can expect when you visit our clinic here.

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