Don’t Let Your Online Christmas Shopping Get To Your Back

christmas shopping back care advice from our FAreham chiropractorHas your countdown to Christmas shopping started yet? If it has or hasn’t the chances are that you, like many millions others may be spending some time this year shopping online for your Christmas gifts.

There are many pluses of being able to do your Christmas shopping online. You get to avoid the nightmare that is Christmas traffic for a start! Then there’s all the lifting, carrying, standing around and fighting with unwieldy shopping trolleys that you can give a miss too. Finally you can avoid long queues and the crowds!

Whilst shopping online may seem hazard free to your health, sitting for prolonged periods in front of your computer can place its own stresses and strains on your body, especially with a bad posture. Over time bad posture and slouching can lead to back pain, stiffness and other symptoms.

Our chiropractors at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic in Fareham want to ensure you have a pain free online shopping experience and have put together their top tips for doing so.

1. Avoid sofa surfing: Yes, it’s tempting to reach for your laptop or tablet and lounge on your sofa to get the shopping done but doing so puts your back and neck at risk.

2. Maintain a good seated posture: It’s very important to adjust your seating position to ensure you maintain a good posture while at your computer. You should be able to place your feet flat on the ground with your knees bent and slightly lower than you hips when seated. Your shoulder blades and back should rest against the back of your chair. Your arms, from your elbows to your wrists, should rest flat on the desk surface. Your eyes should be level¬† with the top of the screen. You may need to use a screen stand to achieve this.

3. Take regular breaks and move around: Sitting for prolonged periods puts strain on your back so be sure to take a break every 30 minutes. This is a great time to do some simple stretches.

Follow our chiropractors’ top tips and we wish you a back safe online shopping time this year.



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