Don’t Let A Summer Of Sports Watching Harm Your Back

back care advice from a Fareham chiropractorSummer is here and the sporting events calendar is as full as ever. The football World Cup kicks of in a couple of days time in Russia and runs for a month, Wimbledon will be in its full glory at the start of July and the Tour de France will be winding its way around France during July to name just a few great sporting events that will be taking place this summer.

If you are intending to watch any of these sporting events this summer from the comfort of your own home in front of the TV you may want to give some thought to your back. Some of the events can find us sitting for hours on end and unfortunately this does our back no good at all.

Many people are unaware that sitting for prolonged periods can trigger back pain. Our chiropractors at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic in Fareham can’t stress enough that sitting incorrectly can put almost twice as much pressure on the back as standing.

Another hazard of watching sport is that as spectators we become emotionally involved and sometimes these emotions cause us to make sudden movements such as jumping up to celebrate a goal or to tell the ref what we really think about the red card he just produced! These sudden movements can sometimes result in injuries too!

If you are intending to sit down in front of the TV to watch some sport this summer, our chiropractors have put together some tips to follow to keep your back safe.

Mind your posture: It’s all too easy to slump in your favourite chair so check your posture on a regular basis. To help protect your back sit right back into the seat so that your back is fully against its back.

Stand up and move around: You want to change your position at least every 20 minutes and what better way than to stand up and move around.

Do some stretches: Take the opportunity in breaks of play to do some simple stretches.

Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water and we’re afraid drinking plenty of alcohol does not count!

Keep sudden movements to a minimum: Remember you don’t want to have to be stretchered off during the event!

Enjoy a summer of sport and keep your back safe by following these tips. Of course one of the best ways to keep your back safe is to take moderate exercise so why not be inspired by the sports men and women and get out there and take some exercise. Consult with your chiropractor or healthcare professional before starting any new form of exercise and they will be able to advise you what’s right for you.

Our chiropractors at Homewood are always here to help and advise.



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