Do Easter the Pain Free Way

back care advice from our fareham chiropractorThe days are getting longer, the skies are getting (a little bit) bluer and we are emerging from our winter hibernation. Yes, Spring is finally here and Easter is just around the corner! But before you dive into the holidays at break-neck speed, take a moment to read the following tips from our Fareham chiropractor on how to keep your back safe this Easter.

Remember that seasonal holidays are the time that back injuries most commonly happen. So read on – it could just save you from developing long-term pain.

General Easter Tips to Prevent Back Pain

  • Avoid sitting down for too long. Sure, the extra time off work – not to mention all those chocolate eggs perched on top of your kitchen units – may make it tempting to lounge around for hours on end, but sitting for too long is seriously bad for your back. Of course, take some well-deserved time out over the Easter break, but make sure you get up and move around every 30 minutes or so.
  • Remember to maintain a good posture. It’s all too easy to slouch when we’re occupied on other things, so keep your posture in mind whatever you’re doing this Easter. And yes, this even means when you’re sat on the sofa indulging in chocolate!
  • Pack light. This one is really simple; if you are going away for an Easter holiday, pack light and avoid carrying heavy bags. After all, the health of your back means more to you than those 17 pairs of shoes you’re planning to take on a weekend camping trip. Doesn’t it?

Easter Travelling Tips to Avoid Back Pain

Many of you will be travelling to visit family or taking a well-earned break over the Easter holiday. And deservedly so! But taking long journeys in the car (or even on public transport for that matter!) can play funny business with your spine.

So here are a few effective tips to keep your back on track as you travel this Easter:

  • Make sure your seat is adjusted to suit you every time you get in and out of the car
  • Position your mirrors so that you can see all around the car without having to lean or stretch
  • Before you set off, check that your seat belt sits across the top of your shoulder and doesn’t rub your neck
  • Avoid wearing high heels or thick soled shoes to drive. This will affect the angle of your legs as you drive
  • Take frequent breaks to stand up, stretch your legs and walk around
  • Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and during your journey

Have a happy and healthy Easter, everyone!

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