Fed Up of Morning Back Pain? Put it to Bed Once and For All

back care advice from our fareham chiropractorDo you experience back pain first thing in the morning? According to our Fareham chiropractor, the key to a pain-free morning could be in the way you sleep at night.  Waking up with back pain can affect the rest of your day, so here are some helpful tips to protect your back as you catch those forty winks.

If You Sleep on Your Stomach…

Did you know that sleeping on your tummy can increase back pain? According to our Fareham chiropractor, sleeping in this position can cause your back to cave in which can result in your spine becoming unsupported. Sleeping on your front can also put extra pressure on your joints and muscles.

If you find it difficult to sleep in other positions, place a pillow beneath your pelvis to provide extra support for your spine.  You should also elevate your pillow to keep your spine in line. If this causes too much strain on your spine, try sleeping without a pillow.

If You Sleep on Your Side…

Most people like to sleep on their side, but this can lead to back pain in the morning. If side sleeping is your preferred position, try using a thick body pillow which will help to keep your body aligned as you sleep. Using a thicker pillow for your head will also help to relieve pressure off your neck.

If You Sleep on Your Back…

Believe it or not, sleeping on your back is actually the best position to keep back pain at bay. However, to ensure you protect your spine, you should change your mattress every eight years.  If you have a good mattress and you still wake up with back pain, try putting a pillow beneath your knees to help your spine maintain its normal curve. Placing a small rolled up towel underneath the small of your back can also provide further support.

No one likes to wake up in pain.  Remember that these sleeping tips may be hard to get used to at first, but before you know it, they will become a habit and you will be sleeping better and starting the day in a more comfortable way.

Simple exercises to alleviate back pain in the morning

You can also try these two simple exercises (which you can do while you are still in bed):

1: Knees to Chest Stretch

  1. While lying on your back, bend one knee and bring it up and in towards your chest.
  2. Repeat this exercise with the other leg
  3. Hold your lower legs below the knees and pull them even further in towards your chest.
  4. Hold this position for five to fifteen seconds before releasing. During this hold, you should feel a stretch in your lower back.

2: The Prone

If you’re “prone” to morning back pain, this can be an effective exercise to try. While in bed, lay on your stomach and place a pillow under your abdominal areas to help decompress your discs and loosen your back muscles.

To help support your lower and further engage your abdominal muscles, push the bottom of your pelvis in towards the back of the thighs.

Hold this position for up to one minute before releasing.

By following these helpful tips from our Fareham chiropractor, you can significantly reduce the risk of morning back pain and start your day off on a better foot.

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