Get Your Back in Shape for the Big Spring Clean!

back care advice from a Fareham chiropractorWinter is finally on its way out and before we know it, we’ll we waking up to striking sunlight spraying into our homes. But with every ray of wonderfulness that shines into our living rooms comes a dust-ridden revelation that begs for a spring clean.

But before you leap from your winter hibernation straight into a full-blown cleaning project, take a mental note of the following back care tips from our Fareham chiropractor.

Take frequent breaks throughout your cleaning stint and remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Avoid caffeine as this can aggravate inflammation.

You may have superhero enthusiasm to get your home in ship-shape order, but you don’t have unworldly physical strength. Ask for help when moving or lifting heavy furniture, and if there’s no help available, leave the task for a later time.

Clean your floors with a mop rather than getting down on your hands and knees. You can further avoid the risk of a back injury by pushing the mop forward and back to clean small areas at a time, rather than leaning forward. If you’re a mop-a-phobe and determined to scrub your floors by hand, invest in a kneeling pad and don’t stretch too far in any direction.

Vacuuming is the culprit for many cleaning related back injuries. Always keep the hose in front of your body at waist height and use both hands to direct the vacuum.

When scrubbing your bathtub, always stand outside the bath and use a long-handle mop rather than sitting and leaning over the side.

If you can’t wait for the window cleaner to call, make sure you use a secure ladder or step stool to stay level with the window. This will prevent you stretching your back and neck for long periods of time. The same advice should be taken for painting.

Make sure your tools are in good working order before you embark on your cleaning frenzy. Always check that rakes and brooms are comfortably suited to your height.

Warm up before a major clean. A brisk walk to get your heart pumping and loosen up your muscles, followed by some gentle stretching, is an effective way of minimising the risk of a back injury.

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