Get Ready for a Summer of Sports

back care advice from a Fareham chiropractor The summer sporting season is about to “kick off” (get it?) with Euro 2016, Wimbledon and the Rio Olympics set to hit our screens in the next month or so. But while a sports-packed summer TV schedule may be some people’s idea of bliss, worrying statistics reveal that all that extra sitting down in front of “the box” could be seriously harmful to our backs.

A survey* taken by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) discovered that 35% of people’s back pain was triggered by sitting down for long periods of time.But while these results are alarming, they do not come as a surprise to our leading Farham chiropractor – as sitting incorrectly adds twice the amount of pressure on the back compared to standing.

So what are sports fans meant to do during the games – stand up as straight as soldiers and not so much as jump up in celebration when a goal is scored or a point is won? (Yes; the sudden change from a fixed posture to jumping on your feet could also cause damage to the back.)

Of course not! As an experienced team of chiropractors, we know that it is simply unrealistic to expect anyone to give up the fun they have whilst watching sports tournaments. We have put together really simple advice to follow that should keep your back safe on the sofa:

1:  Change your position every 20 minutes; your spine will reap the benefits of standing up and moving around.

2: Get active during any breaks/ intervals. The majority of televised sports will include enough break time for you do some light exercise such as taking a walk around the block.

3: Don’t slouch – even if your sofa is luxuriously tempting. Sit right back into your seat so that your back rests against the back of the chair and your feet rest flat on the floor.

4:  Drink plenty of water (even between alcoholic drinks if you enjoy a tipple). Keeping your body hydrated will help to prevent muscle inflammation which is a major contributor of back pain.

5.   Go for a good walk daily.

Enjoy your summer of sports and make a healthy spine your goal this summer.


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