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back care advice from our FAreham chiropractorIf your back hurts – and for 80% of Brits it sometimes does – the solution to your aches and pains could be as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.

According to our chiropractor in Fareham, walking regularly can reduce pain, speed up the healing process, enhance strength and increase flexibility.  It can even prevent recurring episodes of pain.

For many people, back pain develops as a result of muscular strain or spasm brought on by carrying around heavy objects, poor posture or twisting or bending awkwardly.  For others, pain strikes with no obvious cause. Back pain can be acute (lasting a few days or weeks) or chronic (lasting months or even years).

Our chiropractor explains that when we walk, our brains release neurotransmitter chemicals (specifically serotonin and endorphins) that help us to feel better, both physically and mentally. Taking a stroll also helps us to block pain through distraction. Known as the Gate Control Theory of Pain, when large muscle groups are exercised in the trunk and legs (muscles with large nerves), the signals fired to the brain overload pain signals from smaller nerves.

Also, abdominal and back muscles work in almost the same way by walking as when they are exercised through activities that target these areas. The good thing about walking is that, unlike muscle strengthening programs, it doesn’t call for specific equipment, expense or professional supervision. It’s a simple and free activity.

Here at the clinic, we often recommend great local walking routes to our patients. Fareham Borough Council holds a lot of walking information at their website here. Here you can find out about the many fantastic walking programmes offered in Fareham, Whiteley, Locks Heath, Titchfield and Portchester.

Put one foot in front of the other and take a giant step towards better spine health!

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