Getting Away In The Car This Easter?

back pain advice from our Fareham chiropractorEaster is nearly upon us and for many it’s an opportunity to get away for a break. However, too many hours at the wheel can sometimes lead to back pain. If you are planning a trip this Easter our chiropractor at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic in Fareham suggests you may want to check your driving position before heading off.

There are quite a few things to adjust in the car to put yourself into a good seated position that will help protect your back whilst driving. Our chiropractor has outlined some of the necessary adjustments below:


Adjust the seat so that the back of the seat is set slightly backwards and feels natural. Your elbows should be at a relaxed and comfortable angle for driving.

Steering Wheel

After adjusting your seat into the correct position, adjust the steering wheel so that your arms, with a slight bend in them, should fall naturally on to it.


You need to adjust all the mirrors so that you can see all around the car without a significant amount of head movement.


Your seatbelt should lie across the top of your shoulder. It should not rub against your neck or fall off your shoulder onto your arm.

You should now be set up to keep your back safe and have a good trip. We’ve included a video below that will take you step by step through adjusting your driving position. We hope it helps.

Of courses driving can be quite stressful which can also take its toll on your back so it’s important to keep the following in mind:

Stay relaxed

Sometimes easier said than done when driving. However, a relaxed driving position will reduce stress on the spine.

Take regular breaks

Stop and take a break and stretch your legs at least every two hours. If you are feeling discomfort then you should stop more frequently.

Do some exercises

If you are stuck in traffic and it’s safe to do so then take the opportunity to do some exercises in your seat. Shoulder shrugs and circles are good. Seat braces. where you push your hands into the steering wheel and your back into the seat while tensing and relaxing. also help.

Wear comfortable clothing

Leave the tight clothes at home and wear a comfortable non slip pair of shoes.


To avoid any additional stress allow plenty of time for your journey.

If you are getting away in your car this Easter have a safe and happy journey.

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