Getting Fit This Year? Keep Your Back Safe With Top Tips From Leading Fareham Chiropractor!

exercise back care advice from a fareham chiropractorThe New Year is upon us and that means making (and hopefully sticking to!) those positive resolutions. And for many of us, adding a little more exercise into our lives is usually involved! As a reputable chiropractor in Fareham, we often get asked what exercises are good for a bad back. While the answer sometimes depends on each patient’s specific case, we do have some general advice to follow when exercising with back pain and / or discomfort:

1: Speak to a Pro

If you are suffering from any kind of back pain or medical condition and / or you haven’t exercised in a while, it’s important that you speak to your doctor, chiropactor or health care provider before taking part in a new exercise routine. Our leading Fareham chiropractor advises that while there is a good exercise for almost any kind of back pain, patients who are in existing pain or discomfort should speak to a medical professional before starting anything new.

2: Rest Isn’t Always Best

It’s a common misconception that anyone suffering from back pain should avoid physical activity. In the majority of cases, exercise is actually one of the best ways to manage chronic back pain and to prevent acute back pain for reoccurring.

3: It’s Not a Race

After the indulgence and relaxation of Christmas, it’s natural to want to quickly work towards your health goals once January kicks in. But if you suffer from back pain (or even if you don’t!), one of the worst mistakes you can make is trying to do too much exercise too soon. A good idea is to speak to your GP, chiropractor or health care provider and agree on a realistic and motivational plan that is safe for your specific condition and eases you into your new fitness routine gradually.

4: Don’t be a Hero

If any kind of exercise makes your back pain worse or creates any new pain or discomfort, then stop and inform your doctor , chiropractor or health care provider. Trying to “push through” the pain or accepting it as normal “teething problems” may put you at risk of damaging your health so make sure you are sensible and honest with yourself about your exercise plan.

5: Stretch, Relax and Cool Down!

When you’re planning your new fitness routine into your schedule, make sure you always allow plenty of time to warm up and cool down before and after exercise. If you don’t then you run the risk of creating a new/ aggravating an existing injury.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2016!

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