Growing cause of back pain in the UK revealed

back care advice from our Fareham chiropractorAccording to our Fareham chiropractor, lower back pain is the most common reason people head to the chiropractor.

Increasingly our chiropractors at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic in Fareham are treating patients whose back pain is linked to their sedentary lifestyle habits. These habits include: sitting for too long, commuting and increasing time spent on tech devices such as desktops and mobile devices.

Disturbingly the increase in back pain isn’t just being seen in adults. Children and teenagers are spending more time being sedentary and on devices and this is impacting the health of their spines.

Over the last twenty years, peoples’ lifestyles have changed dramatically with developments in technology, such as smart devices, leading to children and adults spending less time moving and more time hunched over screens. The spine thrives on movement, and the bones and skeletons of young people are still developing. This means that poor habits such as slouching over a phone or a laptop carries more risk of postural issues and back pain.

Here are some shocking findings that have come from a recent survey undertaken by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) of its members across the UK:  

  • Lower back pain is the most common complaint BCA members treat among their patients.
  • Over 70% of chiropractors have treated patients with injuries linked to sedentary lifestyle habits.
  • The tops three everyday factors having an impact on are: Sitting for too long (93%), commuting (88%) and screen time (78%).
  • 68% of chiropractors have seen an increase in children with issues linked to screen time.

Physical activity is declining while back pain is increasing. Given this our Fareham chiropractor is encouraging people to get moving and start exercising.

What can you do to keep your back safe?

The good news is that by making simple changes to your everyday life you can make a significant difference when it comes to reducing your risk of developing chronic back pain.

Physical activity can significantly reduce the risk of developing back pain, and most chiropractors agree that exercise is the single most effective way of maintaining a healthy spine. According to our Fareham chiropractor, regular exercise alone can reduce the risk of developing joint and back pain by 25%.

Good posture is crucial when it comes to maintaining a healthy spine, therefore, regularly taking screen time breaks and remaining seated for less  than 30 minutes at a time are effective ways of reducing pressure on the spine.

Here are some useful reminders to help you to start moving more and aching less:

1: Sit up Straight

Make sure you always sit in a comfortable position with your back adequately supported in the base of your chair. Your feet should be positioned flat on the floor. Slouching with your neck forward also adds strain on your back and neck, so it’s important to get into the habit of sitting with your head directly over your body.

2: Move More

The more activity your back gets, the happier (and healthier!) it will be. Try not to remain seated in one position for more than 30 minutes at a time. Take a break, take a walk and change positions regularly.

3: Reduce Screen Time

Replace screen time with physical activity every day. When you can, switch off your phone and tablet and do something active to fill the time you would usually spend messaging, scrolling or playing. Remember your devices aren’t going anywhere, but your back health could be taken away from you if you don’t properly look after your spine.

We hope you find this advice useful. Change your lifestyle. Change your back health. Change the frightening UK statistics.

If you are suffering back pain our experienced team of chiropractors at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic are here to help you. Don’t put up with unnecessary back pain – we are here to help. Call us on 01329 280 283 to book an appointment.

Statistics quoted come from an internal BCA Members Survey, September 2019, Arthritis UK and CSE Guidelines.





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