Habits Which Make Good Posture Easy

posture advice from our fareham chiropractor The effect of poor posture is often one of the most common reasons patients visit our chiropractic clinic in Fareham. Many of these patients present with back pain or neck pain and are frequently surprised that their posture is contributing to their pain.  Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the impact that poor posture has on their overall health and physical appearance.

Our chiropractors at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic can help their patients improve their posture through a combination of chiropractic care and soft tissue therapy. However, to permanently correct postural issues, most patients also need to make several changes to their lifestyle. This involves the formation of good habits and the elimination of some bad ones.

In this post, our Fareham chiropractor shares some of tips which will make it easier to incorporate good posture habits into your daily life.


Add Stretching To Your Daily Routine

Regular stretching is a fantastic way to strengthen the muscles which support good posture. However, for stretching to be effective, it must be performed regularly.

The best way to make stretching a habit is to associate it with other habits which are performed at a specific times each day. For example, if you are in the habit of getting up at 7am and immediately washing your face before having breakfast, schedule in 10 minutes of stretching after face washing.

Make a short stretching session a normal part of your day and you will see some incredible results over the space of a few months. In terms of the stretches that you can perform to improve your posture, check out this video from the British Chiropractic Association.


Take a Good Look At Yourself

If you are like most people, you are probably already in the habit of checking your reflection in the mirror before you head out the door or whenever you use the bathroom. You can improve this habit by using it as a chance to assess your posture.

After checking for spinach between your teeth, stand sideways to the mirror and look at the curve of your spine. Pay close attention to the slope of your neck and the angle of your shoulders. If you notice any postural issues, adjust your body to correct them immediately.

This simple habit will help you develop a strong awareness of what good posture feels like. It also reminds you of how much better you look when standing with good posture.


Use A Timer To Remind Yourself To Change Position

The longer you sit or stand in the same location, the more likely it is that you will place your body in an unnatural position. The solution to avoiding this common cause of poor posture is to move about regularly.

Remind yourself to move by using a smart phone app or a timer of some sort. Set the app or timer to send you an alert every 25 to 30 minutes. When the alert goes off, stretch, stand up, walk around, and re-assess your posture. This reminder can help you retain good posture while at work, home, or school.

Other options for reminding yourself of your posture include:

  • Placing sticky notes around your home reminding you to stretch and assess your posture
  • Using wearable smart technology, like the Apple watch or Fitbit, which remind you to move about


Improve Ergonomics To Make Good Posture Automatic

Ergonomics involves designing environments, equipment and tools which are easier to use. Working in ergonomic environment reduces the risk of poor posture as you won’t be forced to place the body into awkward positions. Some tips for improving the ergonomics of your work and home environments include:

  • Adjust your office’s ergonomics so it meets the criteria set out by the Mayo clinic.
  • Look for tools which make housework less stressful on the body. This might include using items like standup dustpans, vacuum cleaners with longer handles, long handled squeegees, and mops that can be washed without the need to bend down.
  • Move the appliances, equipment, utensils and food items in your kitchen to make the space more ergonomic.
  • Purchase lounge chairs with better ergonomics to encourage good posture.
  • Place your laptop or mobile device on a desk at a higher angle, so you aren’t forced to look down while using it.

Look for ways to improve the ergonomics of each activity by either changing the objects you use or the actions you are performing.


Replace Sedentary Activities With Active Ones

Most people spend a significant amount of time watching television, reading books, using their mobile phone or on a computer. Unfortunately, these activities often cause poor posture as you are sitting for long periods with your body in an awkward position.

Instead of cutting down on the number of hours you spend on your favourite activities, change the way you perform them. For example:

  • Make watching television a workout
    Instead of sitting on the couch as you watch television, jump on a stationary exercise bike or rowing machine. You could also perform some stretches or a few yoga poses as you watch your favourite television show.
  • Replace printed books with audiobooks
    Use audiobooks instead of printed books, so you can exercise, garden, or stay active while enjoying a book.
  • Use a text to speech feature on your phone
    You can also listen to web articles instead of reading them. Again, this helps you remain active and maintain good posture.
  • Get a standing desk or a treadmill desks
    Both of these options let you move while working, instead of sitting in a slumped position.


Visit A Chiropractor In Fareham Regularly

Regular visits to a chiropractic clinic are the best way to track the quality of your posture. A chiropractor will be able to assess the condition of your musculoskeletal system and offer advice on how to correct any postural issues. They can provide ongoing support and chiropractic treatments which lead to dramatic improvements.

Our experienced and friendly team of chiropractors at Homewood Chiropractic are here to help. If you are in pain or discomfort or want to learn more about maintaining good posture, make a booking with our chiropractic clinic today by calling 01329 280 283 or book online at our website here.

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