Happy Halloween! Scary Reasons You Want to Avoid Back Pain.

The scariest night of the year is quickly approaching but you could end up dealing with a real living nightmare if you don’t look after your spine!

According to our chiropractor in Fareham, taking simple measures to protect your spine can save you from developing the kind of debilitating pain that chronic back pain often brings. Even if you already suffer with back pain, taking good care of your spine can significantly help to manage and relieve your symptoms.

It’s really important to give your spine the treatment is requires. After all, who wants to live with the horror of being in too much pain to sleep, having difficulty standing or walking or feeling isolated or even depressed?

Here our Fareham chiropractor shares simple but effective tips on keeping the nightmare of back pain at bay:

Exercise Regularly

Even if you find exercise initially uncomfortable, remaining active is among the best things you can do to maintain a healthy spine. If strenuous exercise is out of the question, make an effort to walk for 30 minutes a few times a week. This will go a long way in helping to strengthen your back muscles and give your overall health a serious boost!

Avoid Sitting for Long Periods

It can be tempting to sit down and rest when you suffer from back pain, but sitting for prolonged periods can be damaging to your spine. Make sure you get up and walk around every 20-30 minutes and always keep an eye on your posture.

When you do sit down, your chair should support your lower back and your feet should rest flat on the ground.

Practice the Proper Lifting Technique

Improper lifting and bending are among the most common causes for back injuries, so make sure you become aware of the correct techniques.

To lower the risk of damaging your spine, make yourself familiar with the tips below:

  • Don’t bend at your waist. Bend your knees and keep your back straight. Don’t bend at your waist.
  • Keep objects close to you. The farther away you hold it from your body, the more it stresses your back.
  • Never hold an item higher than your armpit or lower than your knees.
  • Don’t move or lift something that weighs more than 20% of your body weight.
  • Don’t twist, or turn while lifting. Instead, point your feet at the item you’re lifting and face it as you pick it up. Change direction with your feet, not your waist.

Implement these effective measures in your daily life and you will give yourself the best chance of avoiding/ reducing back pain.

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