Has TV show The Jump inspired you to get on your skis? Our Chiropractor Fareham offers this advice on keeping safe in the snow

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With the final episode of ‘The Jump’ seeing Joey Essex crowned champion, taking to the snow may seem tempting to some. Especially with the winter season coming up.

While taking to the slopes can be great fun and provides a great form of exercise, there is also a risk of injury. As with every type of exercise, making sure you prepare your body beforehand plays a vital role in avoiding injuries.

Here at our Chiropractor Fareham, we want to share some tips on how to stay safe in the snow:

Training your muscles – skiing and snowboarding will have you using muscles you may not even know you. Some excellent exercises that you can start doing now that will prepare your body are squats, sit-ups and cycling.

Get balanced – Good balance is the key to skiing. Get yourself a wobble board to improve your balance and build up your ankle muscles.

Bounce around – To build up and work out your ‘skiing muscles’ you can use a mini trampoline.

Roll along – To develop good posture, invest in a pair of roller blades and get out and about on them.

Get yourself checked out – it’s often easier to turn your body one way when starting out as a skier or snow boarder. Often this is not simply down to technique, it’s down to your body. A chiropractor will be able to assess you and identify areas of weakness that you may need to work on.

If you are suffering from back pain or have other concerns please get in touch with us as we offer a lot of help and advice to get you back up and running as soon as possible. You can contact us at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic on 01329 280 283 or email frontdesk@homewoodchiropractic.co.uk

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