Is your Handbag Causing Your Back Pain? Our Chiropractor in Fareham Reveals How This Could be the Case…

chiropractor in fareham warns against heavy handbagsQuite often women who visit our Fareham chiropractor suffer with back and neck pain as a result of specific posture-related issues. While a number of varying factors affect posture, women can sometimes at higher risk of posture-associated injuries. And this isn’t always due to physiological make-up!

Our trusted Fareham chiropractor shares the following advice:

1: Bags of Problems in your Shoulders?

According to our chiropractor in Fareham, women who regularly carry large handbags could be putting themselves at risk of long-term back problems (even if over-sized accessories are the “in thing”!). If possible, choose a handbag that has a strap long enough to wear across your body. This will enable you to keep the bag close to your body; reducing the force required to hold it up.

Avoid holding your bag under your armpit or down towards your knees as this will place an uneven weight load on your body.

And remember to check the contents of your handbag each day and only carry the items you that you need. (Do you really need to carry around that giant bottle of perfume, a purse full of loose, heavy change and a full make up bag!?)

2: Step into a Healthier Future

Our experienced Fareham chiropractor warns that unsuitable shoes may contribute to damaging back and neck problems. Our feet require a surface which adequately allows them to grip, roll and bend as we walk. This is a very challenging thing to be able to achieve when wearing high-heeled shoes.

If possible, try to reduce the frequency that you wear heels and when you do where them, spread your weight evenly over the shoe when walking. Remember; celebrities may get pictured looking glamorous in sky-scraper stilettos but the odds are they won’t be doing as much walking in them as you!

3: Support Your Back Health

Wearing a bra that doesn’t fit well can affect your shoulders and chest and can be a contributing factor to back pain as you get older. It’s important that your bra provides optimum support and is properly fitted to your requirements.

Sometimes, making small changes to our daily habits can have great positive results on our back health. Women who follow these three simple tips will significantly help to prevent the risk of developing posture-related injuries.

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