Joint Pain Affecting Exercise? Overcome It With These Top Tips

back and joint care advice from our fareham chiropractorThe thought of doing exercise can be daunting if stiff and painful joints leave you feeling more like the Tin Man than Mr/ Ms Motivated! But despite perhaps your (understandable) reluctance to put your aching joints through any additional activity, regular exercise will actually help to increase strength and flexibility and reduce joint pain. And the best part is you don’t have to take part in any strenuous fitness regime to improve your joint symptoms!

Our chiropractor in Fareham warns that a lack of exercise can weaken joint-supporting muscles which will inevitably create more stress on the joints, making them even more painful and stiff.

Here are a range of exercises that are effective in reducing joint pain (and helping to keep you fit and healthy in the process!):

Range-of-Motion Exercises

These exercises focus on reducing stiffness and increasing your ability to move your joints through their full range of motion. Usually carried out on a daily basis,   range-of-motion exercises consist of simple movements such as raising your arms over your head or rolling your shoulders forward and backward.

Strengthening Exercises

As the name suggests, strengthening exercises facilitate the building of strong muscles that help support and protect the joints. Weight training, for example, is a common type of exercise that can help to maintain or increase muscle strength.

Remember to avoid exercising the same muscle groups two days in a row and rest for a day between workouts. If your joints are painful or swollen, take an extra day or two to allow them adequate time to recover.

Aerobic Exercise

Arguably the most effective exercise for overall fitness, aerobic exercise can improve your cardiovascular health, help you to maintain a healthy weight and provide you with more energy and stamina.

There are many low-impact aerobic exercises that are gentle on your joints, including walking, cycling, swimming and using an elliptical machine. Ideally, you should try to gradually work your way up to 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week. If it’s easier on your joints, you can split that time into 10-minute sessions.

Remember to talk to your chiropractor or healthcare provider before starting any new exercise programme. What types of exercises are best for you may depend on the severity of your pain and which joints are involved.

Our experienced team of chiropractors at Homewood are here to help and advise you on all aspects to do with your joint pain.

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