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back care advice from our fareham chiropractorWomen’s handbags can often be a treasure trove of items. Many women have items that they just won’t leave the house without, however, often bags are filled with unnecessary items causing bags to be overly heavy.

The increasing use of mobile technology is resulting in us carrying more weight in our bags.  Carrying heavy bags around is no longer the domain of women with the purchase of ‘man’ bags increasing over the years.

Carrying large and often unwieldy bags can lead to neck and shoulder strain for the carrier as well as having a long term effect on their posture.  Poor posture in turn can often lead to back and neck problems.

Our chiropractors at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic in Fareham take a proactive approach to helping people prevent back problems before they occur. They offer this advice to avoid injuring yourself and causing long term postural problems if you are carrying heavy bags:

  • Carry the essentials: Empty your bag out daily to ensure you are only carrying the essentials on your next journey. It’s surprising how much we carry around without thinking about it. You may find your bag surprisingly light after!
  • Use a strap: Often larger bags have a strap attachment. If the strap is long enough then use it to carry your bag across your body whilst keeping the weight of the bag as close to your body as possible.
  • Switch shoulders: If you are carrying a bag over your shoulder then be sure to switch the bag from time to time from one shoulder to the other.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed: Carrying heavy bags can lead to tension and result in shoulders being hunched. Check your posture from time to time and try and relax your shoulders.
  • Distribute the weight evenly: To avoid straining and twisting your body, distribute the weight you are carrying evenly. Using a rucksack style bag is best for this  –  provided you carry it on both shoulders and the straps are adjusted so that the bag is kept close to your back.

Follow this advice to keep your back bag safe.

If you are suffering with back pain pain or discomfort then our team of chiropractors are here to help. Why not call us on 01329 280 283  and make an appointment now.

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