Keep your back safe in the garden this autumn with this advice from our Fareham Chiropractor

We are certainly experiencing some glorious weather this autumn which is certainly encouraging many of us out in the garden. There’s still plenty to do in the garden from tidying up plants that are dying back, planting new ones and of course raking up leaves!

Keep you back safe

Whatever you are doing in the garden it is important that you always keep your back safe. Unfortunately it is only too common that our experienced team of chiropractors in Fareham have to treat patients that have ‘overdone it’ with their gardening activities.

Here are our top tips for keeping your back safe in the garden this autumn:

  • Before starting any vigorous activity be sure to warm up. Doing some simple stretches before you start can make all the difference.
  • Take regular breaks that will prevent you from being in one position and avoids you repeating the same actions for too long a period of time. We recommend that you take a break at least every 20 minutes.
  • Avoid over reaching which so often causes gardening injuries. There are great tools on the market these days with long handles which are really worth the investment to keep you safe. Also keep your tools close at hand – wearing a utility belt certainly helps with this.
  • Let your wheelbarrow be your friend. Many injuries occur when lifting and moving heavy weights so it really is advisable to share the load. Remember you don’t have to move everything at once – it is much better to break the load into smaller and lighter loads. If you have an exceptionally heavy job to do think about asking a family member or friend to help you before starting.

Watch this video 

If you are planning some gardening in the coming weeks then our team of chiropractors at Homewood recommend that you take a few minutes out to watch this video that offers some great practical advice to keep you back safe in the garden.

How our experienced team of chiropractors in Fareham can help you

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