Knowledge is Power: Why Your Spine is So Important!

back care advice for our Fareham chiropractorWhy is the health of your spine so important? Here our Fareham chiropractor highlights five key reasons to take better care of your back.

1: It Allows You to Move

Your spinal cord is the reason you are able to move, bend and twist. An injury to your spine could result in limited/ decreased mobility. If you accidentally injure your back, wear it out over time, or you have bad posture, you could end up having difficulty doing basic things such as sitting up straight, bending over, picking things up, walking, twisting or moving your neck.

2:  It Allows You to Feel

Your nervous system runs electrical impulses up and down your spine to areas in your body that feel sensation. A damaged spinal cord, therefore, can disrupt neural responses, which can disable/ alter sensations in parts of your body.

3: It Allows You to Swallow

When you eat or drink, the food or fluid travels down your throat, into your oesophagus, and then into your stomach. Your oesophagus is parallel with your spine. If you injure your spine, it can press against your oesophagus and even obstruct or puncture it. In some cases, surgery is necessary to fix the damaged oesophagus and to prevent further damage from developing.

 4: It Allows You to Stay Healthy

Incorrect movement and bad posture can add extra pressure to your spine, which can go on to  cause the onset of degenerative diseases. Even something as habitual as poor posture can cause wear and tear to your spinal structures. This can lead to injuries that require surgery and cause permanent damage to your spinal discs and joints.

5: It Allows You to Have a Good Quality of Life

Back pain is about as much fun as being stuck in a lift with a screaming baby! Without the health of your spine, your quality of life can  become greatly affected.

Spinal problems can begin as early as your late twenties and up to 80% of us will experience back pain at some point or another during our lives. Take care of your spine and it will take care of you – there’s no simpler way to put it.

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