Let Walk To School Week Inspire You

back care advice from our Fareham chiropractorIt’s Walk To School Week and hundreds of thousands of children and their families will be taking up the challenge and experiencing the benefits of walking. In 2017, 400, 000 children and their families participated in the Living Streets campaign. Every year, Living Streets, organises a different fun, themed campaign to encourage children and their families to ditch their cars and walk to school.

With the rise in back pain in children and young people our chiropractors cannot stress enough how important keeping active is to maintaining a healthy spine. Unfortunately our lifestyles, which are increasingly sedentary, are having a detrimental affect on our backs and our health overall.

Walking your children to school is a small step towards increasing your own activity level and your children’s. In addition to increasing their activity level, walking your children to school brings other benefits such as:

  • improving their concentration and ability to focus in class
  • having more time to talk with them
  • reducing congestion and pollution and
  • teaching them road safety skills.

With our increasingly busy lives it may seem like an impossible challenge to find the time to walk instead of drive your children to school so why not try a mini challenge and do it for 5 days to start with. Another option if you have a long drive to your children’s school is to park the car 10 minutes away and walk the rest of the way. Why not get your children involved or maybe other parents and come up with some ideas that are fun and make sense to all of you.

It’s time to ditch the car and walk some more.



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