Lifting and carrying this Spring? Some advice to keep your back safe from a Fareham Chiropractor

Spring is officially here. The clocks have sprung forward and with longer days there’s more time to get all those jobs done that have been left over the winter time.

Unfortunately it is also the time of year that our experienced team of chiropractors in Fareham see patients who have problems resulting from all this activity.

Carrying and lifting can often lead to problems

Whether it’s gardening, spring cleaning or doing a spot of DIY around the house these can all involve some if not a lot of carrying and lifting.

As a leading Chiropractor Fareham we would like to share some advice on staying safe this Spring whilst carrying and lifting.

  • Before lifting and carrying anything make sure you know what it is so you can make sure it is secure before lifting and unlikely to cause a problem whilst it is being lifted and carried.
  • Make yourself as stable as possible before lifting by having your feet about your shoulders width apart.
  • When picking up an object, always face the direction you want to carry it in and keep your back relaxed and straight whilst lifting it. Avoid twisting your body during the process. Remember not to bend from the waist and never keep your knees straight.
  • Whilst lifting and carrying keep your elbows bent and to the side of your body.
  • Putting the object down can lead to as many problems as lifting so use the same rules as picking something up. If you can try and put the object down on a surface that is at waist height and not at ground level.

For more useful tips and advice watch this video from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA):

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