Love Month: Supporting a Partner With Back Pain. Insight from Our Leading Fareham Chiropractor

back care advice from a fareham chiropractorIt’s the month for chocolates, roses and love and romance, but if your partner suffers from chronic back pain, you may feel that your relationship is frequently under strain. According to our leading chiropractor in Fareham, chronic back pain often plays a key role in marriage difficulties, but understanding what your partner is going through can significantly help to strengthen your relationship.

Our Fareham chiropractor highlights the four key points to understand and communicate to a partner that is suffering from back pain:

  1. You believe and empathise with the level of pain they’re experiencing
  2. You accept that their condition may be long-term
  3. You understand that your partner has little control over their symptoms
  4. You know that your partner may experience good days and bad days and that they won’t always be able to predict their symptoms.

Showing your partner that you understand these four key issues goes a long way into avoiding conflict within your relationship. Staying positive and encouraging your partner is also a crucial role that you must play in your relationship.

Having a medical condition such as chronic back pain doesn’t mean your partner can no longer have fun and enjoy shared hobbies or quality time together, it just means your partner may be limited to certain activities. It is vitally important that you show your partner that you still see them as the person you fell in love with. No one wants to feel pitied or like a burden. If you both acknowledge and accept your partner’s limitations, then you can find enjoyable things that you can both do together.

Don’t forget that pain can actually bring couples even closer together. According to our Fareham chiropractor, experiencing negative situations can highlight the strength of a relationship and create a new level of confidence in the sustainability of a partnership. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be difficulties and frustrations along the way – but what relationship doesn’t come without its hurdles? Remember that however difficult things may seem for you, it is almost certainly doubly hard for your partner who has the physical pain to deal with as well.

Our renowned team of chiropractors are here to help and advise you on all aspects to do with your back pain.

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