Love Your Partner Back to a Pain-Free Life!

back care advice from our fareham chiropractorWith Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s that time of year again where we treat our loved ones with chocolates, red roses and any other romantic surprises we can conjure up. But if your partner suffers with chronic back pain, there may be more pressing things on your mind this Valentine’s Day than choosing the perfect romantic gift.

The only thing worse than suffering with chronic back pain is watching the person you love struggle with it. Seeing your loved one deal with daily pain can leave you feeling helpless. Luckily, our Fareham chiropractor has some great tips on supporting a loved one suffering with back pain (and your partner will appreciate them much more than a box of chocs!)!

1: Talk and Listen

Most patients with chronic pain admit to feeling happier in their relationships when they feel free to talk about their issues. So if and when your loved one wants to talk about their back pain or anything associated with it, make sure you are available to listen.

2: Offer Validation

Validating your partner shows your understanding and acceptance of their problems, which will help with any negative emotions your partner may feel.

3: Be Aware of Pain Triggers

Bear in mind that your loved one may not always want to tell you when they are in pain and may even try to push through it. This can often lead to an increase in symptoms. Try to make yourself familiar with specific pain triggers or situations that may result in further pain for your partner and suggest alternative activities. You should also be mindful that chronic back pain may cause your partner to feel emotionally stressed or even depressed, which may also limit their daily functioning. Offering to help with daily chores can help to reduce your partner’s stress or anxiety.

4: Look out for Non-Verbal Pain Signals

If your partner is dealing with chronic pain, they are likely to be feeling it even when they are not speaking about it. In order that you can encourage your partner to manage their pain, watch for non-verbal pain cues such as altered or slow gait or facial grimaces.

5: Suggest Fun Activities

Your partner’s mood is likely to be negatively affected if they are living with daily pain; even the most positive people have their “off” days.  One of the most important things you can do to make your partner feel better is to help them feel like their old self again. Make time to do the things you love together such as cooking, watching your favourite movies or taking the dog for a walk. The house chores can wait for another day, after all!

6: Respect Your Partner’s Wishes

It’s important to understand that chronic pain tends to fluctuate. You may find that the level of pain your partner experiences changes from day to day or even hour to hour. If you have made plans and your partner tells you that he or she needs to cancel or reschedule, be respectful of that.

7: Stay Informed About the Your Partner’s Condition and Treatment Plan

The more you understand about the cause of your partner’s pain and symptoms, the easier you will find it to show empathy and support. If you can, offer to attend health care and chiropractic visits with your partner as this will help you to learn more about how to help with pain management.

We hope you find these tips from our Fareham chiropractor helpful. Valentine’ Day comes once a year but the love and support you give every day to your partner dealing with back pain can change their lives.


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