National Gardening Week – How To Prevent Those Green Fingered Injuries!

gardening back care adviceAs summertime begins to glisten upon Fareham, many of us sunny locals will be getting our gardens all pretty and pristine. But will you be risking your back health in the process? Here at our chiropractic clinic, we regularly get asked about how to keep that all-important spine safe while doing household chores, such as gardening. With National Gardening Week kicking off on the 11th April, we thought there’s no better time than now to provide you with some simple but highly effective gardening safety tips.

So here they are – straight from our desk to you – all in preparation for a full blossom of back health this summer:

Top Tip # 1: Turn Your Whole Body

A major trigger for back muscle strain is excessive twisting – something that most people do while gardening! If you’re digging, shovelling or mowing, be sure to keep your back in alignment with the direction of your tools. In other words, instead of twisting your back to change position, move your whole body instead. Following this advice will reduce your risk of picking up a painful muscle injury.

Top Tip # 2: Sit Down

Some people use knee pads to weed, but these won’t protect your spine! Instead of bending and crouching, why not get hold of a gardening stool? Sitting down to weed will reduce the pressure on your hips, back and knees and you’ll reserve some energy in the process! Remember to always keep your back straight.

Top Tip # 3: Use Common Sense

How many times have you heard someone with a back injury say, “I knew I shouldn’t have lifted that…”?

Hindsight may be a “wonderful thing” but back pain isn’t so easy to joke about! If something in your garden feels too heavy for you to lift or move then leave it until you have help.  Also remember that many people have picked up a back injury by carrying easy to lift items in the wrong position. Always keep your back straight when lifting and remember to bend from your hips and knees as opposed to at your waist.

Taking just a few extra moments to follow this advice could just save you from weeks or even months of pain.

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