The Nations Back Health Revealed

A Chiropractor in FarehamA map of the state of back health across the different regions of Britain has been developed by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) based on consumer research undertaken. It highlights the differences across the country and also reveals how the regions are faring with looking after their back and neck health. Some of the differences are quite significant with the research finding a variation of more than 17% across regions in the number of people experiencing back or neck pain.

For example, 40% of people in the South East responded that they are currently suffering back or neck pain. This is in stark contrast to 57% of people in Northern Ireland who said they are currently suffering back or neck pain.

Another area highlighted by the research is how people are developing back and neck pain earlier in life. In this regard, the Midlands fared especially badly with 70% of people there experiencing back or neck pain by the age of 30. In comparison, 48% of people in the East of England had experienced back or neck pain by the age of 30.

Across all regions, the prime trigger for back or neck pain is lifting and carrying. Sitting still for long periods followed.

As far as the impact that back or neck pain have on people’s lives are concerned, the majority of regions responded that back and neck pain was most likely to prevent them from sleeping, followed by preventing them from exercising.

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