Natural Remedies for Pain

With all the back pain “advice” available online these days, it can often be difficult for patients to know what to follow when it comes to easing or managing their back conditions. As a trusted chiropractor in Fareham, we pride ourselves on offering the most effective advice. This week, we’re looking at simple natural remedies that can go a long way in improving your condition….

1: Release your Endorphins

Endorphins (natural hormones in the body) can be just as effective as over the counter pain medications. When endorphins are released, they help to stop pain signals from registering with our brains. They are also highly effective in easing stress, anxiety and depression, which are commonly associated with chronic back pain.

Why not release your inner pain killers by trying aerobic exercise, massage therapy or meditation?

2: Sleep it Off

Many people with chronic back pain suffer from insomnia or some type of sleep disorder. On the flip side, poor sleep quality can make back pain worse, often resulting in a vicious circle.

If you suffer from back pain and sleeping difficulties, it’s important that you address your sleeping issues as well as your back condition.

3: Pay Attention to Your Core

The muscles in your abdomen and back play an important role in supporting your lower spine. During a normal day, when these critical muscles do not get worked, there could be added pressure on your lower back.

There are many simple exercises that can be performed in 20 to 30 minutes and easily integrated into your existing daily routine.

4: Hot and Cold Therapy

Applying cold or heat pads to your back can significantly help to reduce pain and speed up the healing process.

Benefits of Cold Therapy:

  • Helps to reduce inflammation, which is usually present in most types of back pain.
  • Can act as a local anaesthetic by slowing down nerve impulses which prevents spasming.

Benefits of Heat Therapy:

  • Stimulates blood flow – bringing healing nutrients to the pain-affected area.
  • Slows down pain messages that are being sent to the brain.

Try these easy-to-implement tips and find out what works best for you. You may just be pleasantly surprised at the results.

We are here to help and advise you on all aspects to do with your back pain. Please note that this advice is not intended to substitute for your GPs care

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