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Diagnosis is everything. MSK Ultrasound Diagnosis in Central Fareham at The  Homewood Chiropractic Clinic. Your Homewood Chiropractor will take a full medical and general history from you and they will perform a full and appropriate examination to find out how to help you. Sometimes additional information is required to make a careful and full diagnosis.  Imaging is often used to complete your examiation.  This may be Diagnositc Ultrasound, Xray or MRI imaging.  We can perform both Diagnostic Ultrasound and Xray imaging on-site and can arrange an MRI, usually withing a few days, locally, for you.


You will  love diagnostic ultrasound.  You will be fascinated by the clarity of the images, our Expert Sonographer will show and explain to you as the scan processes. You will be reassured that you have a detailed diagnosis of your condition and have confidence in us that we can help you out of pain, and back to a full recovery, or, occasionally, refer you to a Specialist for further help.

Diagnostic Ultrasound Scan
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Scan examinations are an essential part of modern health care. The use of an ultrasound musculoskeletal scan to diagnose soft tissue injuries around joints is a valuable addition to traditional physical assessment and treatment. Ultrasound musculoskeletal imaging is becoming more widely used in the diagnosis, investigation, and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.
Ultrasound of child’s knee-joint – diagnosis
What is Ultrasound Scan of the Musculoskeletal System?
Ultrasound imaging is a painless medical test that aids in the diagnosis and treatment of many medical conditions. Ultrasound is a painless and safe procedure. Ultrasound examinations do not involve the use of radiation (as used in x-rays). Muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves, and soft tissues are all visible in ultrasound images of the musculoskeletal system.
These are some of the common Diagnostic US examinations:
  • Shoulder: Acromioclavicular joint synovitis/arthritis, rotator cuff tear and tendinopathy, subacromial subdeltoid bursitis, subacromial deltoid impingement, calcific tendonitis, acromioclavicular joint swelling
  • Knee: Hamstring injury, quadriceps tendon tear, patellar tendon tendinopathy, fat impingement, enthesopathy/enthesitis, osteoarthritis-related changes, Baker’s cyst, and joint swelling, IT band syndrome and bursitis, ligament tear or sprain, pes anserinus bursitis and tendonitis, runner’s knee
  • Foot and Ankle: Achilles tendinopathy tendonitis enthesopathy and enthesitis, paratenonitis, retrocalcaneal bursitis, superficial calcaneal bursitis, calf pain and tear, runners injury, arthritis, tendon or ligament injury such as anterior talo-fibular ligament sprain or tear, Morton’s neuroma, inter-metatarsal bursitis, plantar fasciitis fasciopathy and bursitis, possible cause of metatarsalgia (foot pain), trapped nerve such as tarsal tuunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, stress fracture, osteoarthritis, arthritis, and plantar plate injury etc.
  • Rheumatology: Early changes of rheumatoid and inflammatory arthritis such as erosions or synovitis as well as flares up.
  • Elbow: Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, biceps tendon tear or tendinopathy, synovitis, joint swelling, bicipitoradial bursitis, olecranon bursitis, triceps enthesopathy/enthesitis, calcification in tendon, trapped nerve such as cubital tunnel syndrome.
  • Hand and Wrist Pain: Trapped nerve such as carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist sprain, joint swelling, DeQuarvian tenosynovitis, osteoarthritis in the CMC (carpometacarpal) joint and STT (scaphotrapeziotrapezoid) joint complex, TFCC (triangular fibrocartilage complex) pain, trigger finger, ligament and tendon injury, trigger finger, small joint osteoarthritis (knuckle) and pain.
  • Hip Pain: Arthritis, osteoarthritis, greater trochanter pain syndrome, ischial bursitis, snapping hip, joint swelling, tendon tear and tendinopathy



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