Is the New Year Time for a Digital Detox?

digital detaox advice from our fareham chiropractorFrom Smartphones to sat navs, our lives are packed full of screens. They’re there when we wake up, they’re there when we return home from work and most of us spend a significant amount of time looking at them in between.

With the average person checking their phone 200 times a day, it’s hardly surprising that we’re starting to hear about the health hazards of technology overload! Our Fareham chiropractor warns that while technology can be incredibly useful, overusing it can potentially negatively impact our health and life.

So if you are becoming a slave to your Smartphone, perhaps it’s time for a digital detox. Here are some really good tips on how to take a technology break:

1: List Your Gadgets

Before your commit to a digital detox, make two lists. Your first list should include all of your gadgets. This will show you how dependent you are on technology. Your second list should include all the things you enjoy doing in life, but aren’t doing at the moment.

This revealing exercise should help you realise that reducing your technology use will gain you back time to do the things that you enjoy. It is now being estimated that we spend around three weeks every year using social media. This could be time to spend with family or friends, learning a new skill or even enjoying a holiday.

2: Be Realistic

Trying to completely abstain from any technology use is unrealistic in this day and age. Instead of vowing only to use your Smartphone in emergencies (yeh, right!), set yourself a maximum daily time allowance for each of your devices. If you typically spend around an hour a day on social media, cut it back to 30 minutes. If you usually check your phone for updates every 20 minutes, check it once an hour. Establishing a maximum daily time allowance for your devices will make it easier for you to stick to your detox.

3: Change One Habit at a Time

Choose one bad technology habit to change at a time. This could be banning all devices from the dining table, or from the bedroom.

There is a beautiful, health-giving world outside of your Smartphone. Don’t let it pass you by.

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