Our Fareham Chiropractor Explains The Common Causes Of Poor Posture

posture advice from our fareham chiropractorA postural imbalance and Poor Posture can impact your health in many ways. It can cause lower back pain, fatigue, digestive problems, poor self esteem, muscular pain, and general soreness. Having poor posture can also increase the risk of spinal dysfunction and joint degeneration.

The best way to prevent postural imbalances from occurring is to be aware of the common causes of poor posture. Once you understand the habits, behaviours, and activities which can negatively impact your posture, it is much easier to avoid or rectify them.

In this guide, our Fareham chiropractor shares the common causes of postural issues and how visiting a chiropractor can help you correct poor posture.


What Is Poor Posture?

‘Posture’ refers to the position of your body when you are sitting or standing. Having ‘good’ posture means you are sitting or standing with your spine in a neutral position, where it retains its natural curves.

‘Poor’ posture results when you are sitting or standing with your spine in an abnormal position. When a person uses poor posture over a long period, it eventually causes some muscles and ligaments to become elongated and weak, while others become short and tight.

This creates a physical imbalance that leads to postural abnormalities like sloped shoulders, forward head posture, thoracic kyphosis (hunchback), lumbar lordosis, and sway back. It can also cause back pain, limited mobility, and increase the risk of injury.


What Are The Common Causes Of Poor Posture

Sitting With Poor Posture

Spending a lot of time in a slouched position on the couch or in front of your desktop or laptop will eventually have an impact on your posture. It will weaken certain muscles and ligaments in the shoulders, neck, back. and abdominals, increasing the risk of slouched shoulders, forward head posture, and other postural abnormalities.

Reduce the risk of prolonged sitting damaging your posture by sitting less. Use a standing desk, stand while watching television, walk around while on the phone, walk during your lunch break and so on.

Stretching can also be useful for counteracting the impact of sitting. Our chiropractors team at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic offer patients stretches to reduce the risk of sitting affecting their posture.


Pain And Old Injuries

If you are dealing with a sore neck, back, or shoulder, it’s only natural that you might adjust your body’s position to avoid pain.  Unfortunately, these adjustments can sometimes force you into an awkward position which negatively impacts your posture. The best way to deal with this issue is to seek out treatment for pain and old injuries.


Being Overweight

Carrying a bit of extra weight can force your spine into an awkward position which eventually leads to poor posture. This is particularly true for individuals with pot bellies, as it pulls the lower back forward, increasing the risk of lumbar lordosis.

Correct this issue by eating a balanced diet and incorporating more cardiovascular exercise into your lifestyle.


Hereditary Causes

Poor posture can sometimes be inherited from your parents. If this is the case for you, talk to a chiropractor or doctor to learn the exercises and lifestyle adjustments which can be used to mitigate the impact of inherited postural problems.


Poor Habits

Some people develop bad habit which negatively impact their posture, like walking with their head looking towards the ground. This can eventually throw the body out of alignment and cause postural problems to occur.


Poor Nutrition

If your spine does not have access to the nutrients it needs, it may struggle to grow strong and straight. It will also be more difficult for your body to repair damage to the muscles and ligaments surrounding the spine, which can impact your posture.


Fashion Choices

Even your fashion choices can have an impact on your posture. High heels, poorly fitting shoes, saggy jeans, large belts, heavy jackets, and other items can force your spine into an unnatural position. It’s fine to wear these items for short periods but avoid wearing them day in and day out.


How Visiting Homewood Chiropractic Clinic in Fareham Can Help

Our chiropractors specialise in issues affecting the spine, including poor posture. They can:

  • Perform a postural examination
    This involves a complete assessment of your musculoskeletal system to identify any joint misalignments and issues affect soft tissue.
  • Deliver chiropractic adjustments
    If joint misalignments are identified, your chiropractor can help correct them using chiropractic techniques.
  • Show the patient useful stretches
    Stretching can be used to loosen tight muscles and strengthen weak ones, leading to improvements in the quality of a patient’s posture. Our chiropractors can develop effective stretching routines which target the correct muscles.
  • Providing Additional Advice
    Our chiropractors can also share advice on how to use nutrition, exercise, and change of habits to improve your posture.


If you want to improve your posture or are currently suffering back pain or discomfort, our chiropractors are here to help you. To book an appointment, call our clinic on 01329 280 283 or book your appointment online on our website here.


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