Pain? Whats the Cause?

Paiu comes from many sources. To help you out of pain, a proper diagnosis has to be made.  This is formed first by  asking you about your family and medical history, all trauma, work, sports and lifestyle information.  Your pain may need medical attention, but most “musculoskeltetal”  back, neck, shoulder, hip, arms and leg pain comes from the soft tissues and is not  usually a medical emergency.  Physical therapy is usually the best form of treatment for these conditions. A good diagnosis comes after you have had a thorough examination. Appropriate scans, blood tests, or ocasionally, referral to other specialists, may then be necessary.

At Homewood Chiropractic we combine careful and thorough examination with  X-ray and Diagnostic Ultrasound, MRI and DEXA Scanning where necessary to ensure you are getting the best possible care.  We have onsite X-ray and Diagnostic Ultrasound.  MRI /DEXA Scans are available quickly too at very reasonable prices, much lower than the private hospital prices.

Homewood Chiropractors are Regulated Health Care Professionals who are trained to diagnose and treat these conditions.

We will not treat you if we cannot help you.  We aim to get you well and on your way as soon as possible.  We do however offer to see patients as followup check-up visits sometimes called maintenance visits.  Many people like the feeling of being monitored and looked after periodically.

You are most welcome to book an appointment, either online at or call us on 01329280283. You can also ask for a free chat to discuss your case to see if we are able to help you before comitting to a full examination.




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