Planning on Doing Your Christmas Shopping Online? Leading Fareham Chiropractor reveals how it could be a pain in the neck!

Poor Posture Chiropractic Approved exercisesPlanning on Doing Your Christmas Shopping Online? Leading Fareham Chiropractor reveals how it could be a pain in the neck!

Remember the days when the build-up to Christmas meant at some point or another, we had to brave the swarms of frenzied festive shoppers? If we wanted to get those perfect gifts for our nearest and dearest, we often had no choice but to join the annual chaos; stand in endless shop queues and carry our body weight in overflowing carrier bags (usually while battling with a wind-infested umbrella!).

Oh yes; Christmas shopping was a merry delight back in the day! (Let’s just say a lot of shopping–induced niggles and pains have prompted a visit to this Fareham Chiropractor!)

Luckily, the power that is technology has brought us online shopping (maybe the inventor of the World Wide Web had his fair share of Christmas shopping grumbles!) and now we have the luxury of buying whatever we like, whenever we like, from wherever we like – without having to leave the comfort of our homes! Shopping on our lunch breaks, shopping in our pyjamas, shopping with a cup of coffee in our hands with one eye on the TV – it’s all standard behaviour now. But is online shopping bad for our health?

Our experienced Fareham Chiropractor has some invaluable advice:

Online purchasing removes the risk of injuries and strains associated with traditional shopping such as heavy lifting and prolonged standing. But it doesn’t come without its health hazards. Being sat at a computer or laptop for hours on end, or incorrect posture can cause many stresses and strains on the body – far worse than what most online shoppers realise.

When we slouch, the joints in our spine are compressed, the intervertebral discs are squashed and incorrect muscles are engaged. Over time, bad posture can lead to back pain, stiffness and other uncomfortable symptoms. But most people don’t think of these risks when they’re sat comfortably or engrossed in a screen full of Christmas bargains!

Three Top Tips for Injury-Free Online Shopping from Our Leading Chiropractor in Fareham:

1: Look After Number One!

Arrange your desk and chair around your individual needs. While sitting on your chair, you should be able to place your feet flat on the ground, with your knees bent. There should also be a slant from your hips to your knees (so that your hips are higher than your knees).

Sit comfortably into your chair; ensuring that your bottom and shoulder blades rest against the back rest. Keep your arms flat and your elbows level with your desk.

2:   Remember there’s an ‘Eye’ in Injury!

Adjust your screen so that your eyes are level with the top – even if it means using a screen stand or another safe alternative to bring it to the correct height. Take regular breaks that involve changing position and doing something away from the computer.

3: Don’t be fooled by the Couch!

Avoid sitting on an armchair or sofa while shopping on your laptop/ tablet. The chances are, you’ll be so comfortable that you won’t even realise you are straining your neck or back!

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